Handbuch Datenschutzrecht

Handbuch Datenschutzrecht

Last Updated on 2019-07-16
Whether the Data Protection Directive, the Data Protection Act 2000, General Data Protection Regulation, DSRL-JI, the DSG 2018 or the latest published opinions of the Art. 29 Data Protection Working Party on the GDPR: The “Data Protection Manual” provides a comprehensive overview of all applicable data protection law. It supports you in identifying the similarities and differences to the new GDPR and in recognizing whether and to what extent adjustments must be made in the transition to the GDPR.


It includes, among others:

  • Origin and overview of the data protection regulations of the Union
  • Fundamental data protection (DSG, ECHR, GRC)
  • Terms and Actors of Data Protection Law
  • Principles for the processing of personal data
  • Requirements for lawful processing
  • Consent of the person concerned
  • Framework conditions for international data transfer
  • information requirements
  • Rights of the person concerned
  • Notification requirements and Data Breach Notification
  • Keeping the list of processing under the GDPR
  • Data protection officer according to the DSGVO
  • Privacy Impact Assessment and Prior Consultation under the GDPR
  • data security
  • Supervisory authorities, coherence and cooperation
  • Legal protection, damages, fines and sanctions


This explosive topic current and detailed offers you the “Manual data protection law”.

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